OZcdplayer is written by Gary Baker South Australia. The purpose of OZcdplayer is to provide a simple and easy to use application to play CD's. The application is not designed to provide the functionality of applications like Xmms. The idea is a quick easy unclutered application for playing CD's

OZcdplayer has been written in a Mandrake 9.0 Kde 3.0 environment using GTK 1.2 and Glade. It requires libcdaudio to be installed

The version available for download now is an Alpha version but I think its half reasonable. Currently it will only play cd's on /dev/cdrom but that will be fixed.

A binary RPM is available for download as well as a source tar ball. Installing the binary RPM with kpackage will complain about libcdaudio even if it is installed in /usr/lib. If you have installed libcdaudio.so.1 intop /usr/local/lib make sure it is in /usr/lib and then disable dependency checking and it will all work fine.

I have also written the ozscap OZ Scan and Print application that provides a very simple interface to Scan and Print documents Ozscap Home Page

Download OZcdplayer includes binary rpm

Download libcdaudio

Download OZscap includes binary rpm

ozscap@bigpond.com.au is my email address for the ozscap and ozcdplayer projects, I will do my best to answer any emails, especially as I dont have any doco yet.

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